legacy pilates studio was established in 1995 and continues to operate with highly acclaimed pilates training and loyal clientele. legacy pilates is a place where people of all fitness levels actively participate in improving their health and well-being. each client who enters is treated with respect, direct attention, and individual focus.

the pilates method is taught with focus and integrity. the studio’s certified pilates instructors strive to keep the pilates method pure and authentic as advocated by joseph h. pilates himself who developed this method almost 100 years ago. pilates is a specific, unique, and powerful method of exercise that has stood the test of time. the goal of the pilates student is to become strong and flexible with an emphasis on balance and efficiency of movement.

legacy pilates is also a wonderful place to come for a professional, therapeutic massage. massage therapy reduces stress and muscle soreness, bringing focus and awareness to the entire body. increased circulation, tension relief, and overall well-being are just some of the many benefits.